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Located only 10 minutes from Brisbane CBD - We have had over 200,000 people play with us!

Est. 1989 


* We have the Best Guns!

* Over 10 Awesome Playing Fields!

* Unbeatable Packages & Prices!

* Great Customer Service!

* Buck's, Hens & Birthday Party Specialists!

* Work, Sport & Social Group Events to Remember!

* Simply The Best Value for Money!

Brisbane's Top Paintball Skirmish for Thrill Seekers

There's nothing like getting together with your mates and unleashing havoc on each other while charging across the battle ground. At Top Gun Paintball, we set out to achieve the ultimate experience possible and have created a range of different arenas to suit dynamic combat over a number of different game types.

Choose your weapon for the skirmish and let it rain

We offer a range of packages to suit any budget - starting from $25, each option includes as standard:

  • Semi-automatic marker
  • Between 100 and 1200 paintballs
  • Full facemask, goggles and harness
  • Camouflage clothing
  • Protective breast plate for females

Wage war through dense bush, villages and open fields

Our paintball skirmish grounds in Brisbane boast 13 different playing fields with a variety of sizes and terrain for any strategy and the scenario that you choose to play. Hone your sharpshooting in the Trenches arena or flank and surprise your enemies in M.I.A.

We have a variety of scenarios to be played so that you experience a mix of high-octane mayhem and gripping stealth missions:

Your team takes up positions along Ambush lane while the opposition runs the gauntlet from one side, dodging the paintball hailstorm and trying and reach the flag on the other end.

Assassinate the General:
One players becomes the General, and they must be protected by their team to win the game. The opposition will attempt to find and eliminate the General in the dense shrubbery of the Ruins.

Capture the Flag:
This time, each team has a flag that they must protect while trying to steal the opposition's, suiting both aggressive and defensive play.

All out combat with a twist - whoever gets to the vest in the middle of the field first becomes the Terminator, and can only be eliminated by a hit to lens of their goggles.

Join our club and enjoy the benefits

Sign up with us as a social, half or full member and receive massive discounts on field fees, equipment hire and paintballs. Get access to our fortnightly Club Sundays where you can meet other members and hone your skills, and prepare for one of our regular tournaments in Brisbane and across Queensland.

Call us today on (07) 3392 0255 to find out more about how we'll provide you with an adrenalin-fuelled experience.

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