Join Brisbane's Leading Paintball Club

It doesn't matter if you're just starting out or are a seasoned veteran - signing up with us is the perfect way to improve your skills, meet new people and have a huge amount of fun.

We get together every second Sunday with our membership group of over 400 people to socialise, train, and most importantly shoot paint at each other. By joining our paintball club you'll receive access to tournaments in addition to exclusive discounts on gear hire and purchase. We sell paintballs on Club Sundays at a lower rate for members, but even guests can save in bulk by buying at 10c per ball.

Buy your own paintball gear at low prices

Top Gun Paintball Club

Your Skirmish Paintball Sports Club (SPSC) ID card, when coupled with a membership letter from us, can be used to help obtain a firearms license if you're interested in purchasing your own marker. We sell professional equipment on our premises and can provide advice on goggles, markers and anything else that you need to take your game to the next level.

We pride ourselves on our facilities and gear and have earned a reputation as the best paintball club in Brisbane and right across Queensland. Immerse yourself in the excitement and gain special access to the tournaments we hold throughout the year both at Top Gun and throughout Queensland.

We have Social, Half and Full membership levels all offering great discounts for our field and in our pro shop.

Enjoy use of our first-class facilities

Our grounds have been developed by professionals over more than 25 years in the industry, and at just a 10 minute drive from Brisbane's CBD it's no hassle to get here. We have more than a dozen different layouts in a range of shapes and sizes for different games and styles of combat, and welcome any skill level to come and enjoy it.

Get in touch on (07) 3392 0255 to secure your membership and start getting your adrenaline fix with the best in Brisbane.


Level                   Benefits
GUEST                         Non - Members

                        $15 field fee & $15 standard equipment hire
                   $200 per box - 10c per ball
(quarter, half and full boxes only)

SOCIAL                         $80 / Year

                        $10 field fee & $10 standard equipment hire
                   $100 per box - 5c per ball
(quarter, half and full boxes only)
HALF                         $140 / Year

                        $5.00 field fee & $5.00 standard equipment hire
                  $100 per box - 5c per ball
(quarter, half and full boxes only)
FULL                         $250 / Year

                        Free field fee & Free standard equipment hire
                  $100 per box - 5c per ball
(quarter, half and full boxes only)

*Note Discounted paint prices are only available on Club Sundays... See our Club/Training Days.

Application for membership download Click Here