Paintball Games

Paintball is a team game, each team has a captain and a team colour. Although there are many kinds of elaborate game scenarios, the most common is 'Capture the Flag'. Both teams try to capture a flag from the middle of the field and get it to the oppositions starting zone.

Scenarios you could play...

Ambush: Your team starts at the beginning of ambush lane while the opposition hide themselves through the field. Your team must then run the gauntlet and try to retrieve the flag from the far end of the lane. Once the flag is captured or one of the entire teams is eliminated, you swap sides and let the opposition run the gauntlet.

Assassinate the General:  A player is nominated as the teams General and must be protected at all costs. The game starts with the General and his team spread out hiding in our Ruins field (a hill covered in dense shrubbery and bombed out buildings), the opposing team must make their way up the hill, locate and assassinate the General to win.  Sometimes the loudest thing you will hear in this game is your heartbeat, so be prepared for one shot one kill ... full sniper style!

Capture the flag:  
 Now imagine as the whistle blows you and your team take off to get to the flag before the other team, and then SPLAT ... a paintball breaks on a tree beside you. You and your team scurry to the nearest barricades, returning fire. You hear HIT yelled, as you see one of the opposition stand with a big yellow splat on their goggles ... Yahoo you got them!

Terminator:  Both teams race for a vest placed in the centre of the fort.  The first player to the vest becomes the terminator and can only be eliminated by a shot to the goggle lens, so grab the vest and get ready to take a few for the team. 

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