Paintball Goggles

Top Gun offers the best face protection using the new Valken MI 7 goggle

system with a thermal lense for clear uninterrupted vision!

Paintball Clothing

Freshly laundered camouflage shirts & pants are issued to everyone as well as a pod pack - harness to carry extra paintball pods; these are FREE with all our packages!

Paintball Body Protection

All the ladies in your group will be supplied FREE chest protectors, designed to protect the upper body from paintball hits.


Paintball Referees

All players are briefed on safety and weapons operation by experienced, professional referees that are on the playing fields at all times to help you out.

Paintball extras


We have everything you need to have a great day... safely!

Package Equipment Price (pp)

* Grenades Available  $15

Ladies Protection Package Gloves + neck protector $20
Mens Protection Package Gloves + neck protector + groin guard $25
  Gloves $13 or ($5 hire)
  Neck protector $9 or ($4 hire)
  Groin guard $6 
  Knee pads (long) $10 (hire)
  Knee pads (short) $5 (hire)